Andy the Disney geek

By a Disney Freak, for Disney Freaks.


About the author: Andy is a 12 year old boy, with a love for reading, watching films, video games, etc. His favorite Disney pictures film is The Lion king, his 

favorite Pixar film being Finding Nemo. His top 5 favorite wordpress blogs are (Not ranked):

    He enjoys Disney Pixar over Disney pictures, and is a little shocked that Frozen isn’t a Pixar film. He is not really a Disney geek. It took him a while to find a funny and clever name for his blog, and he chose Disney geek.

    About the Blog: Andy the Disney geek is made to show my love for Disney. movies, books, toys, I’ll have a review about it. If I know about it.

    Although, According to my dad,

    “You’re getting to the age when kids start to let go of Disney and Pixar.”

    I agree, I am getting a little old for stuff like The Lion King and Toy story. But I love those types of movies as well as Lord of the rings and Star wars, but you heard my dad, so what can I do?

    Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t Disney Buy star wars? And they also have Marvel! 

    Boom! Little lightbulb went off in my brain.

    Luckily, Disney owns Star wars and Marvel, so even though I’m too old for stuff like Disney and Pixar, I can also blog about Star wars and Marvel because A) I can make my dad happy, and B) I love Star wars and Marvel.

    So tell me, how do you like my ninth blog? Oops, almost forgot.

    Here is all my my blogs*:

      Pretty crazy that I have about 13 blogs,right? Anyway, please comment, like comments, like posts, reblog posts, maybe even follow my blog.

      I will see you beyond infinity.

      * Since I make more blogs, this list will be edited and expanded.


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